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In the far future, the world has been overrun by unknowable entities known simple as the I.C.O. Civilization has all but abandoned the surface and now hides away in structures known as the Craters. While both are locked in a violent standstill, the Craters have produced one weapon to combat the I.C.O. threat: the Ferals. 

Judah Bishop is a young sea otter who just recently joined the Feral branch of the military and is now plunged into a whole new world of battles, strategy, and danger. He must work with his squadron against any threat that comes his way lest he fall to the I.C.O.

I.C.O. is heavily inspired by anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Attack on Titan, and Gurren Lagan which have greatly shaped the design and story being told. I do hope however that I.C.O. is able to carve out its own identity and hopefully be something fresh and new in the furry VN genre.

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Art direction and coloring of backgrounds and characters done by the lovely Cody Opulos!

Check his twitter out here.



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Hello, just gonna drop by and say what a great chapter 2! It surely made me crave for more!


Thanks a bunch! Worked real hard on it.


yay Part 2

Now Cetus can work even harder now!


plz no!



Y'all did great, congrats! :D

Here's to V2! Cheers!


Yes indeedy. Enjoy!

Cheers to the fastest reply in the west as well! XD


Hey Cetus! How can I support you with a little tip? :) I rather spend my money on you, visual novel creators, than buy useless things I won't need anyway...

Or do you maybe have a patron page?


I don't have a Patreon yet but I think you can donate by clicking on the downloads. Thanks so much for the donation it means alot! :)


could somebody help me with the menu music, i can't find the name of the song/tune anywhere and i don't know how to find it 


It's a cover of Bach's Canon in D by Kevin Macleod.

OOOOOOH, that explains how Bach's original canon in D sounded very similar, i knew i had heard it somewere. Well none the less thanks a bunch this really made my day.

no problemo! :)

Just wondering, is there going to be an error reporting system other than comments?

At the moment not yet but please report any errors in the comments you see until I get a better system. :)

Will do.


Just played the Android demo. Very interesting. I think that was the first VN I've seen with such a theme haha I liked it so far. Waiting for more.


I just got confused here. It didn't made sense to me, but I'm not a native speaker to English, so maybe that's some sort of common saying and that's why I didn't understood... this thing about a stench that's louder

Nope, that is definitely not a common english thing, it's just a typo.

Yeah I was trying to say the hangar was louder instead but... Yeah. I'm planning on doing some fixed to build 0.1 too so thanks for pointing it out! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

I. Love. This. It's a great start, but sadly only a start. This has great potential and I want to see this grow into a fully fledged VN. As a VN it has more maneuverability than a tv show, anime, book, or movie. If done well this VN could be beyond popular. To Cetus, I want to see you and this project grow, I can't really offer you any support but I want to reccomend getting a patreon. And please, be safe with this corona coming around! 


There is just something about the music and ambiance that goes well with the theme and novel. Real classy


Thanks a bunch for the wholesome comment! I want to make sure I.C.O.'s the best it can be with my resources so perhaps opening up a Patreon in the future wouldn't hurt. Maybe at my 5k mark I'll consider. But anyways, Build 2 is entering its editing phase as I'm just about done writing it all out. I hope to release it by the end of this month so look forward to it :)

Yay, good luck with that! Definitely looking forward to it!

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So I finally got around to giving this a shot.

I'd say you're off to a solid start! At first I didn't think I'd be into it; I'll admit, mecha generally isn't my thing, but I was actually kind of surprised by how much I enjoyed this demo. I'm no professional critic or anything, but you did a really good job describing Judah's exam in the first scene, I was feeling a little tense myself just reading it! I'm also really liking the cast of characters you've introduced so far. We haven't had much time with them yet, sure, but already I'm getting the sense that there's a lot of personality in Judah's squad.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one for the next few updates at least. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. ^^


Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, it's only just getting started but I do hope I'm glad I made a good first impression. I really want this to be a success so I'm giving it my damnedest effort. 

I'm enjoying the game so far.


Really loving what you made so far. Do you maybe have Patreon? You should open an account so people can support you, like most other visual novel creators. 

The character interactions feel natural. Obviously we don't know much about the story, like at all for now, but I have some ideas for what is going on. I wouldn't call it equal to Pacific Rim, though it's where you got the concept from, propably. 

How the furs are connected to the “big robotic creature-like machines" (have they got a name yet?) is intuitive/futuristic. I like it. The music seems nice too, but I was not fixated on it, so... The character art stands out from the backgrounds, which is another positive thing. These backgrounds however are rather simple. To me personally it's no big deal. Most important, in my eyes, are the characters, the plot and the story. Music is a welcoming addition.

Good luck! I hope your project is a success!


Thanks so much for your support! I actually have never watched Pacific Rim, but this was primarily inspired by Evangelion and Gurren Lagan. The robots are named Ferals btw. I put it in there a few times. Work is currently being done to spruce up some background art right now. Once that's done, work on the second build will begin. Stick around :)

Also, no I don't have a Patreon yet. If this project gets bigger, I'll definitely look into it.

No problem. :) I'm always interested in new VN's and their creators. 

Oh... What a surprise! Unlike many other people I found Pacific Rim 1 quite enjoyable. Maybe, Idk, if I'd rewatch, I'd reconsider this opinion.

I do watch anime, but so far I was sceptical toward those two. Honestly, there are way too many well done anime and some are soo long. (HxH for instance, last ark is phenomenal and very dark)

Right, right... Ferals (I read the game, yes... and stumbled over this term/name haha)

You should. I only heard of the (first) Stormsinger Team, who don't take any fundings, to honor the developers of the original Morenatsu game. All the others gladly accept some pennies. ;)

Nice, will do ~

This is obviously very early stages, but I'm confused why this game is tagged as "gay" since there is no indication anywhere that any of the characters are LGBT.

Yeah, that was made in anticipation for the future but I'll change it now as not to sound misleading.

So, will it not be nsfw or only for now?

(I'm... curious)

Hmm... Dunno yet.

This is really good can't wait for more in the next update.


Thanks! I'll be sure to work hard on the next update.