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In the far future, the world has been overrun by unknowable entities known simple as the I.C.O. Civilization has all but abandoned the surface and now hides away in structures known as the Craters. While both are locked in a violent standstill, the Craters have produced one weapon to combat the I.C.O. threat: the Ferals. 

Judah Bishop is a young sea otter who just recently joined the Feral branch of the military and is now plunged into a whole new world of battles, strategy, and danger. He must work with his squadron against any threat that comes his way lest he fall to the I.C.O.

I.C.O. is heavily inspired by anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Attack on Titan, and Gurren Lagan which have greatly shaped the design and story being told. I do hope however that I.C.O. is able to carve out its own identity and hopefully be something fresh and new in the furry VN medium.

Follow my Twitter for updates on I.C.O., memes, and whatever's going on in me brain.


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Art direction and coloring of backgrounds and characters done by the lovely Cody Opulos!

Check his twitter out here.



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i.c.o-4-universal-release.apk 324 MB

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there you go, do feel better now getting that of your chest? Good, now fuck off and rethink your life.And learn some manors you vile subhuman thrash

This update didn't disappoint

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I have a question : Which characters are romance-able ? I plan on playing this VN as soon as I have some free time, since the plot seems really intriguing to me.

Also, I know there won't be NSFW material, but would there be atleast some intimate moments between the MC and the potential love interests ? Nothing too explicit of course, but something more than just a simple "kiss on the cheek" would be nice ^-^

Hmm... Thinking about having to answer this.

Romance won't exactly be the primary focus but I do plan on featuring intimacy in some capacity though that's for the future and the groundwork isn't exactly finalized ATM if that answers your question.

Hey I like new character Jackson.

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I have a question! Do you have a discord server?


no. not at the moment. i am active on the general furry visual novel server though so you can find me there.

Deleted 28 days ago

Can't wait for the update 馃槉

Yas, nice to see your coming back


Have you seen Fafner: Exodus? You might like it

hmmm. haven't heard of it before i dont think :V

Any nsfw?


I.C.O. probably won't feature NSFW content. I considered it at first but I didn't deem it necessary later down the line. There is some fanservice though but nothing explicit.

Sorry, I wanted to give a donation but the paypal thing doesn't seem to be working =(

Thanks for the thought! I do have a Patreon though!

Looking forward to the time you continue the vn until then I hope you are well and doing good at this moment in time. 馃槈

Thank you. I think by the end of May, I'll be ready to continue. ^^

Deleted 96 days ago

Shay is commander his team

Do you get to make choices that change who you romance with. 馃槬馃槬 kinda worried iv heard you cant. 


My apologies but my plan for I.C.O. is a kinetic, linear kind of VN.

Oh. Ok no problem. 馃槡. Nothing wrong with that. So far it seen good. Keep it up馃憢馃構馃憣

Thank you ^^

what next up date?


At the moment I'm on hiatus but I hope to be back in the game in a month or so. Sorry for the inconvenience! XP

gil and hugo is my favorite character in lc. o 

gil seems to be the fan favorite but hugos a classy option too. :> im very excited to write more about him soon.

why is gil the is favorite?

donner is a merry? 

yis he is married.

Deleted 98 days ago
Deleted 127 days ago

I'm not sure what you mean by assigned. Do you not have one of the OSs listed?

It says the build is undefined, I think the launcher needs these for it to download? If you can't figure it out I'll just download it from like chrome or something then. 

Interesting because I've never had this happen before and I know of plenty of people who have the build anyways. I guess just getting it off of Chrome is the best way then?

gil yell say hi and scared judah.

Hello, hope you had a good day!! 馃馃槝

May you pull through your struggles my friend, everyone here and on patreon will wait patiently for when you return. Take care of yourself buddy c:

For some reason when I read Judah I suddenly remembered "Judas" "yes God?" "betray Jesus" "okay".I don't know why I'm so weird.


Cetus i love u




This is wonderful! At first I thought it was a model for a second but the lightings just that damn good. Looks amazing ^^



Hey love your work alot! I've already written a detailed review in a sense of your feedback forum on 0.4.5, I know its not the most recent build but I think it'll help alot in the future. Otherwise not much more to say, some people won't like the fact this isn't a NSFW vn and that's completely fine! Honestly I love the gritty apocalyptic mecha feel to it, its so unique and you can tell you put alot of love into the writing. I hope this project of yours takes off in the future someday, I hope to see more work from you for this might be hands down my favorite furry vn right now if not on my top 3.


Oh, wow! Thanks! Hehe, I'm glad I'm on someone's favorite list. Yeah, as far as the NSFW stuff goes, I just don't think it's super necessary though that won't mean I won't go for some fun as you've see with shirtless Hugo. And thanks! I'm getting more support slowly so I'm growing! And you can expect the public build of 0.5. to go live very soon! My artist just has to finish the last few bits and pieces and then we're golden! Look forward to it! ^^


Yeah I won't mind the eye candy here and there hehe, and no problem my friend! I'll definitely be waiting to see what's on the horizon of this story.

Oh, by the way. I noticed your rating for the VN was a 3 star. If that's your true feelings for it I don't mind but I would like to inform you that due to how Itch.io does algorithms, anything lower than 5 stars tends to be a detriment in terms of its rankings and searchability.

Please don't feel forced to do anything but if you do feel strongly about a three star, could I ask you to withdraw your rating for the time being? Sorry if I sound like a shill but algorithms are a pain LOL. Anyways, thanks for the kind words and I hope to deliver more in the future!

Oh really? no by all means I get it! I rated it so because of how I wanted to convey to potential people how it is in its current stage not the final product, but I do want this project to succeed for sure, yeah the algorithm can be iffy I get it I shouldn't of thought like this. But in my personal opinion I'd rate it 5/5.


Aw, thanks! Sorry about the bother but I hope to earn that five stars soon ^^.

Rio de Janeiro, April 11st 2021


I don't think the search work. Sometimes I write the name of some novels in Itch search and I see a piece of everything but not the novel I am lucking for.

In other way they appear in to of Google when I typed it and add itch after its name.



Ps.: I don't know how this search stuff work. But sounds weird since 3 stars is a very good rate. 0 or 1 start yes is bad. 2 stars is a nice game. With 4 it catch my deepest feelings and with 5 I would sell my mecha to buy that.Heheh

gostei muito desse VN, s茅rio, as batalhas s茫o muito boas, pelo menos para mim, as intera莽玫es entre os personagens nessas batalhas foram muito bem escritas e projetadas, estou ansioso pelas pr贸ximas atualiza莽玫es. PS: Eu amo lontras fofas, e misturar isso com Darling the Franxx foi muito inteligente
Muito obrigado ^^. Eu usei o Google Translate, desculpe, mas fico feliz em saber disso!

Is there NSFW content/scenes in this VN?

No and I'm not sure if I will be adding explicit material in the future. However, there's still fanservice and eye candy so it won't be devoid of it.

Not to sound weird but... would you please specify what you mean by "fanservice and eye candy"?

Ah, that's mostly just I guess visually stimulating stuff. Like, there's one scene where Hugo's shirtless and they do talk about sexual things like ass or how good looking a character is. Just nothing explicit.

Ah I understand.  So no drawings/animations of nudity and/or sexual acts right?  Again sorry if this is awkward, I just want to know before I recommend this VN to a few friends

No problem! I hope they enjoy ^^


Far too akin to Darling in the Franxx, not my style

(1 edit) (+1)

Took me a while to sit down and read them, but the new scenes were very enjoyable, can't wait to play more of it!
Also, do you have somewhere we can report typos and such? Found a small one at the dormitory scene.



I don't have a specific place to report typos but if you found one I guess just the comments.

Alright then, it's this one "Wake-up -all".

Alright. Thanks! I'll change it.

This is one of my favourite visual novel

aww thank you! ^^

Android Version doesnt Work. My android: 10

Phone: Ausus ROG phone 2

This is really troubling because before the Android version stopped working and I thought I fixed it because other people seem to think its fixed. Hm... I'm really not sure what the issue could be. Maybe talking to one of the guys who had issues too? He should be somewhere below.

there is just one with log errors. But i have a different error. The full game isn't starting. It's just...black 

That's... I don't know. Have you tried other versions of the Android build before and do they work?

Just the one before. It worked. Idk why. Perhaps android 10 not compatible ?

That... Shouldn't be the case since I uploaded the universal one hm... Could you try out other VNs and see if there's something wrong? If not, I may have to reupload the build again. I'll try bringing it up with a friend who may be able to help. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

better explained. I open the game. Then renpy gets visible and that it's loading. After a while I guess after it finished loading it gets black....nothing happens 

Is there nsfw content


At the moment nothing super explicit and I'm not sure if I want to break into fully NSFW yet but I still plan on having fanservicey scenarios and they can still talk about sex all they want and maybe I'll imply it later down the road. 

my I asked you? What is most Tractive character I.c.o?

mostly up to your tastes. personally, i find felix the most attractive at the moment.

my is Shay and gil.

 U have to get used to the art but it's dtill pretty good

I keep getting this same error


Hm... Okay. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. I really dunno why the Android builds don't compile right because it did this last time too.


Try it now and see if it works. Sorry.

Those were some quick responses, thank you! Tested and it works now! :)

Excellent! Enjoy! ^^

I like the rewrites, but I think in the Crater Hope falshback there are still lines referring to the hold scene with the pearls in the section with the sea background. Also love the new artwork :)


Thanks for the heads up! I'll check it out.

Oh are those some of the new art?
They are looking quite nice!


Files are uploading so you'll see 'em all soon :3

Oh guess i was just a bit early then hah.

Can you please display the current version of the game in the thumbnail of the game so it's easier to tell if there is a new update.

Ah, alright. Thanks for the suggestion!

any news?


At this rate I think I'll have 3.5. out by the end of the month. I'll make a post about it thanks for reminding me.


The game is good the art should be a bit better . But except i it's pretty cool

 Thank you. Yeah we're currently working on an art update so it should hopefully fix that issue soon.

public release soon?

Working on 0.4.5. so hopefully soon. It's an art update with some rewritten scenes. May post an update on it soon.

I haven't played yet but are there love interest's, if there is how many?

I am planning for Judah to develop a feelings for someone as the story progresses. So... One I guess XP.

Fucking kickass vn my dude. Really digging the 80:s old school like synthwave and industrial metal soundtrack. Made me pumped while playing. Good shit!!

Thanks! Yeah, I wanted a consistent theme in the soundtrack so I went for futuristic synth to fit with the sci-fi setting. I'm glad people are liking it.


I sense Judah x Gil... Can't wait to see that!


glad to see you're enjoying it 030

Add to my collection :D

I did encounter issues in android ver, most of those are "couldn't find file gui/popup/...-neutral.png". I hope u will fix it soon cause I wanna play it as soon as possible. Thank u and love u UwU

Yeah. I'm working on fixing it rn so hopefully it'll be up soon.

is there an estimate on when a new chapter will be out


I'm working hard on it at the moment and I think soon I'll post an update. Arts almost complete, there's around 3 or so things we need to do. After that its just a matter of putting music and sound effects in which I'm working on. So, hopefully soon!

I gave my review around an hour and a half ago I hope this vn keeps being awesome


Alright thanks!

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